A gorgeous yarn
A gorgeous yarn

Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive some brand new yarn from Cygnet Yarns. This is a chunky weight multicoloured yarn called Helter Skelter. I’ve looked on their site and it doesn’t seem to be released yet!

It works up really nicely, with blues and pinks twisting around each other. When worked up in treble crochet you get lovely flecks of all the different colours.

With the weather changing and getting warmer I decided it was time to stop wearing my hat and hook up something a little cooler for the school run. I still want my ears covered in the frosty mornings, but like having my hair tied up away from my face. I settled on a pattern using shell stitch, which shows off the colours of the yarn rather nicely without too much fussy textured detail.

The ear warmer is made in shell stitch along the width of the piece
The ear warmer is made in shell stitch along the width of the piece

Free Pattern: Shell stitch ear warmer

Pattern Notes
This simple ear warmer headband is along the width of the material to the desired length, if you’re making it for yourself you can regularly wrap it around your head until it is the length you need. If you’re making a gift then stop at 20" (50.5 cm) for teenagers, 22" (56 cm) for adult or 24" (61 cm) for large adult. This is around the standard sizes for hats and includes a snug fit to allow the headband to stretch a little.

This pattern specifically uses the new Helter Skelter yarn from Cygnet Yarns, however it could be substituted with other multicoloured yarns of the same weight category (Chunky, weight 5).

Stitch counts are given in [square brackets] at the end of each row.

1 ball of Cygnet Yarn Helter Skelter Chunky Yarn in Tornado shade
6 mm hook

Crochet Terms
Written in UK terms:

TermUK termUS term
ch1chain 1chain 1
dcdouble crochetsingle crochet
htrhalf treble crochethalf double crochet
sk2skip 2 stitchesskip 2 stitches
sl stslip stitchslip stitch
trtreble crochetdouble crochet


  1. Foundation Chain - chain 13.
  2. ch1, dc in each ch across [13 dc]
  3. ch3 (counts as tr), 2 tr in same space, sk2, dc, sk2, 5tr, sk2, dc, sk2, 3tr [2 half shells, 2 dc, 1 full shell]
  4. ch1, dc, 5tr in next dc, sk2, dc in middle tr, sk2, 5tr in next dc, sk2, dc in last st [dc, shell, dc, shell, dc]

Rows 3 & 4 set the pattern for the piece. Repeat the pattern until 0.5" (1cm) under the desired length.

Last row. ch1, dc, *(dc, htr, tr, htr, dc, dc)* repeat the section between the *s twice

Joining. Fold the piece in half with right sides facing. Slip stitch the ends together in the outside loops. Turn the head band inside out. All done!

Nice and warm ears
Nice and warm ears